Swipe Right

Monitoring Michael G (Caucasian, Male, 35) activity…

Allison, 25, Caucasian…swiped right
Laticia, 23, African American…swiped left
Yolanda, 28, Hispanic…swiped left
Cathy, 29, Caucasian…swiped right
Lisa, 24, African American…swiped left
Andi, 29, Caucasian, Trans Female…swiped left

Algorithms running…


Run Test: next six choices:
Ana, 24, Hispanic
Susan, 26, Hispanic
Remy, 29, African American
Aubrey, 23, African American
Ally, 26, Caucasian, Trans Female
Elle, 24, Caucasian.

swiped left, 0.4 seconds
swiped left, 1.2 seconds
swiped left, 0.9 seconds
swiped left, 1.1 seconds
details expanded, swiped left, 45.2 seconds
details expanded, swiped right, 77.3 seconds.

Algorithms running…

Results: Psychological disorders 1. Racism, 2. Transphobia

Primary Care: Commitment to approved psychological care facility w/appropriate re-education training.

Additional Actions:
Add name to Global Hate Crime Watch List
Turn on automatic tracking on cell phone
Inform FBI
Inform his bank
Inform his employer
Suspend all social media until release from psychological facility

Effective Immediately

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